Z-OFFICE – Offizieller Trailer – Deutsche Horror Komödie

I have noticed that quite many
employees are in bad health. However, loosing yourself in
daydreams is very bad for the company. We arrive early in darkness. We leave late in darkness. You think this is driving us crazy one day? I call it a common Monday morning. That is what coffee is for. Yep, this is Lilly. Hey… She will be your assistance in your
final days. I’m still responsible for
a lot of things here. And I take care that with a solid
and consequent work ethic. Pull her hair! Pull her hair! If this is all the pride you got, you
will die in a place like this one day. Modern Computer technology has
become way better than… …than you. You understand? No. “Action” “Fun” “Danger” Perhaps they are just hungry? Too bad the microwave is broken. Unemployed…surrounded by idiots…

11 thoughts on “Z-OFFICE – Offizieller Trailer – Deutsche Horror Komödie

  1. Dinge, die die Welt nicht braucht:
    1. noch mehr Zombie Komödien (oder Zombie Filme im allgemeinen)
    2. deutsche Zombie Komödien (oder deutsche Komödien die einen auf amerikanisch machen im allgemeinen)

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